Right time for photography!

This year, the autumn made me fill my memory cards faster than I had time to empty them. Weather conditions in past several weeks in my surrounding (and probably wider) made mornings extremely photogenic.

Waiting for the fish by Aleksandar Beserminji on 500px.com

Nights were cold, days were hot, and that created a lot of fog in the mornings, just above the ground and especially above calm water. While it was raising up, sun rays were coloring it to a golden fire.

All that made me want to wake up in the 4am, enjoy it, and have an adventure every morning. Although, the adventure was actually beginning the evening before, while I was planing where I will go in the morning, while the city is still asleep.

Checking the weather conditions, calculating when and where the sun will rise (suncalc.net) and searching for a location where the sun will potentially align with something interesting, as well as planning how and from which side will I approach the location.

Swan in the morning

When the sun finally goes over the trees and burns all the fog, I was going home with a memory card full of photos. Sometimes I was muddy and wet to my knees, but I was sure I have photos I will like.

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