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go(ing) to Meeting C++

How I got to the Meeting C++ conference?

One morning, while listing through news and warming up for the working day with a cup of coffee, I find this topic on Reddit about Meeting C++ in Berlin. Now, ticket for Meeting C++ isn’t something that I could afford for myself, and my company probably isn’t interested in paying it. So I took a chance and applied for a supportive ticked.

Couple weeks later I got an email from Jens informing me that I got a supportive ticket. Excellent! Instant happiness hit me hard, and I immediately confirm my attendance and reserve the flight and accommodation.

Fast forward week ago, there I am at the opening of the conference. The room full of people, and Jens starts the opening talk. He represents sponsors who did this and that, and that… And as much as that’s not the most interesting part of the conference I heard that there are sponsors who sponsored supportive tickets (aka my ticket). It was Native Instruments and Conan. So this blog is actually a way to say a BIG thank you to the Native Instruments and Conan for supporting my ticket, and an intro to an ongoing series of couple blogs where I will write about some interesting stuff I heard at the conference.

You can check more about the conference here, and check the slides here.